The Power Plus 2 Experience

PP2 has transformed numerous lives, teams, school communities, and proved the ability to quickly change a city (see testimonials). Mayor, Minden La. Named May 11th “Power Plus 2 Day.”

The satisfaction of rapidly equipping our youth with the crucial life & coping skills that accompany unity is priceless. These skills are greatly needed for a well-functioning, successful future, on & off the field and courts.

Not only has PP2 proven extraordinary beneficial for team sports, but inclusion, intolerance, diversity, conflict resolution, depression, loneliness, anxiety, and PTSD.

Navy Seals Commander and psychologist say PP2 will greatly benefit the Seals and all military. Psychologists and neuro scientist said PP2 is the closest thing they’ve ever seen to produce the bond of two people saving each other’s life. Dr. Ed Silvoso said: “two or three is the most powerful combination of force. If you go wider, you dilute the cohesiveness”.

For military & first responders, teamwork saves lives. Teamwork should always be job #1. PP2 rapidly increases mental and physical strength. Lifters have increased strength gains an average of 30%. They do more reps by working together.

PP2 has proven to build unity with teammates that don’t get along, inner-city teammates from rival gangs, perfect strangers, police & gang members in L.A. Teamwork-Lifting forges a powerful bond that’s hard to break. “Kids are willing to sacrifice anything; their identity, values, their family and loved ones, in order to feel accepted.” The epidemic of anxiety and depression, and inclusion and is out of control and growing.

Facts and Figures: Harvard Medical School researchers surveyed more than 67,000 college students from across more than 100 institutions. Study finds 1 in 5 students surveyed reported thoughts of suicide in last year.

In a 2017 survey of nearly 48,000 college students, 64% felt “very lonely”, according to American College Health Association. 62% feeling “overwhelming anxiety, 69% “very sad”, 53% “hopeless” Many felt too depressed to study or function properly. PP2 is an unparalleled solution.

The new mindset of “team-first” is transferred to any atmosphere and situation, including sports teams, classroom, family, workplace, community. They also do more when they’re working together, getting stronger faster. All the teams using PP2 in our pilot program became state champions. The magnitude of impact PP2 is making on those who experience it is amazing.

The life skills being instilled into people by the PP2 have already changed the world for thousands. PP2 is breaking down the barriers and made instant unity possible, even in the inner city, for such a time as this!

Fundraising: With PP2 you can host Teamwork-Lifting competitions, like city, conference, state. And, do Fundraisers. For example, a Pennies Per Pound “2-Person Squat Lift-Off”. Fifty team-lifters (2) averaging 600 lb. squat can raise $30,000 by only raising $1each. 50 lifters x 600= $30k

See some of the pilot  program testimonials to know what others say. You can see PP2 in action on the home page video at www.powerplus2.com