Mission Statement:

To promote worldwide the most innovative and powerful teamwork training tool ever through “Team Lifting”: 2 male, 2 female and Co-ed.

Company Background

Power Plus 2 was founded in Phoenix, Arizona, by Mr. Dan J. Goddard. Dan graduated from the University of Northern Iowa, B.A., P.E., where he was an all conference middle guard. He went on to coach high school, college and professional level football and strength conditioning. He was later recognized as a leader and innovator in the fitness industry and became a world class power lifter. With his extensive background in coaching and strength training, he recognized a huge void in the industry: there is no exercise equipment available to fulfill the need for teamwork mentality training.

In 2005, the research and development team started, involving thousands of hours of design and engineering, producing and testing 8 different prototypes, which incurred much trial and error for revision. In 2009, we arrived at the pinnacle of success with the first functional, durable, safe, working model, ready for market – the “Power Plus 2”.