Community Unity Centers

PP2 has proven to be a problem solver and bring reconciliation wherever it is used. I like to call it “Teamwork Therapy.” Many psychologists, psychiatrists and neuroscientists agree that PP2 is the closest thing they’ve ever seen to duplicating the bonding effect of 2 people saving each other’s life. The results are nothing short of amazing.

NBC sportscaster, Mark Lewis, after seeing supernatural results, titled his PP2 story “The Miracle Machine.”

PP2 has proven to be instrumental for unity, inclusion, tolerance, diversity, instilling life & coping skills, bonding perfect strangers, PTSD, loneliness, depression, conflict resolution, and much more. Even people who have never lifted weights before feel comfortable experiencing the PP2 with a partner. PP2 provides training and certifications.

Leaders who have a heart to transform communities can own a Community Unity Center simply by having approximately 4-5 Power Plus 2 machines to accommodate groups and teams. The first phase can be unifying your church community. Use PP2 for youth, marriage, rehab, elderly ministries etc. Have unity events, group fitness, and competitions.

Individuals, families, teams, and companies who visit the Unity Center for team building. Hundreds of non members can visit every week for an experience of a life-time. Some will want to continue coming back for church and become members. Some, teams, clubs, companies will want to keep coming for unity building and make one-time, or regular donations for team building sessions.

Unity Centers can be used for events, competitions, fundraisers and hosting fundraisers for other organizations & foundations like Special Olympics, Wounded Warriors, Fallen Fire Fighters/Police Officers, Police v’s Fire Competitions etc. (see fundraiser). The possibilities are endless for community transformation through unity.

PP2 has already proven the ability to transform school communities and cities. A mayor, by written proclamation, named May 11th “Power Plus 2 Day” for the city of Minden La. The high school used it, we did a youth lift-off competition and competitions like father/son, uniting the hearts of the father’s and sons.

Kid’s today seem to be willing to sacrifice everything; their identity, their friends, even family, just to feel accepted. We’re convinced that now is perfect timing. There is nothing else that creates instant teamwork. Unity heals the lonely, broken, hurting, and transforms individuals and communities.