PP2: Fitness Centers & Gyms

Some of the benefits of being equipped with Power Plus 2 machines:

You can host competitions for your members/public/cities/states that lead up to bigger records like “America’s 2 Strongest” man/women/coed bench press City/State/National/World competition.”

Media loves PP2 because it’s new and exciting. Implementing Power Plus 2 machines (show small group personal training on the news), PP2 events, competitions, and fundraisers draw media.

Anyone competing for Team-Lifting Competitions need to be a member in the federation they’re competing in. Many lifters will want to join and compete in 2 or 3 of the PP2 federations. Membership cards are $35 per year. You will get a $15 fee for each sign up.

You’ll draw workout partner members from other fitness centers/gyms that don’t have PP2.

Power Lifters, Senior Olympics, Special Olympics, Police & Fire Olympics athletes, anyone entering a competition for city/state/national/world, will want to train for team-lifting competitions and join a gym that has PP2’s.

Can charge people who want to train and prepare for competition on PP2 intermittently. Example $5 x 2, per session or?

PP2 Team-Lifting can be part of a membership upgrade package, or special type of member for only team lifting.

Small groups (10-12 people) can come in for 1 hour. Team building fitness for corporate groups, family, sports teams, clubs, police, fire, elderly, ability impaired lifters, etc. Strength & team building sessions with 2 trainers for $150 per hour.

Teamwork sells, so there are dozens of new ways to get people in the door for PP2. Many will visit for PP2 sessions and end up becoming members.

Strength trainers can lift with their client to get them more engaged, especially those who are new, or less confident doing certain lifts.

High School football has 7 on 7 which excludes the linemen. Many coaches and players are interested in 2 on 2, or Big Man competitions for linemen. 2 on 2 competitions can be held at a fitness centers as well as all Jr. High and High School conference, city, state, Team Powerlifting events.

For sports coaches, teamwork is high priority. Introduce to local coaches, so they can push it to the players and let them know where they can train on it. Coaches will also know that your locations are place to bring a team for unity, camaraderie, and to conflict resolution. There’s nothing better than PP2 for conflict resolution, and inclusion, or issues that involve intolerance, racial, bullying, and many problems almost every coach has to deal with (see testimonials).