The Power Plus 2 Machine rapidly creates Powerful Teamwork and Intense Strength
by Forging the “Three Keys to Unity”

Confidence is the 1st key to unity: With PP2 neither lifter is more important than the other. Both lifters count on each other equally and are rewarded as a team for achieving the goal. When a goal is achieved as a team it is more impactful. Confidence allows us to trust the good intentions of others. PP2 rapidly increases confidence, causing talent to shine and bring out the highest potential of an athlete.

Trust is the 2nd key to unity: A very high level of trust is built when lifters know that their partner is giving 100% for them at the same time they are giving 100% for their partner. As part of a team, each player has a crucial role and must trust their teammates in their role. On the PP2 teammates have each other’s backs at one of the highest levels possible.

Communication is the 3rd key to unity: Unity, confidence and trust quickly open up the communication that is crucial in every aspect of a team. Lack of communication weakens any team. Teammates draw strength from communicating with one another. Communication is what links the other pieces together. Communication is vital to the success of any team or relationship and the PP2 opens up communication faster than ever.

Unity: PP2 bonds individuals together in a powerful way, breaking through any barriers. It’s a perfect way for athletes to be consistently rewarded for teamwork. It’s the easiest way to get teammates in sync. Working together to achieve an intense mutual goal produces a strong team-first mind-set. PP2 causes athletes to become not only physically, but mentally tougher together. Unity Results in Powerful Teamwork, Cooperation and Success. A team in unity is unstoppable.

Note: These are vital aspects of a strong team and equip us to be successful in life. They give the life skills to build and maintain relationships.

Strength: PP2 teamwork lifting brings out the highest mental side of strength training in an exciting way. By athletes helping a teammate, they are helping themselves. Team-Lifting makes us want to do more. It brings out a will and strength to push harder because they won’t give up on each other. PP2 builds incredible strength because lifters do more weight and more reps with the combined weight. Example: Two Lifters that can each do a lift of 250 lbs. alone, normally lift over 500 lbs. by lifting together. Two lifters that can do an average of 8 reps alone will typically do 10-12 or more reps by lifting together with their weight combined. As high as 50% to 100% more reps have been documented in World Combines. Having each other’s back brings out the will and strength to push harder, not give up and rapidly build more strength.

Claimer: These results ARE typical. You CAN expect all of these benefits from the PP2.