Team Building Activities for Sports Teams

The Power Plus 2 Machine is rapidly becoming known as the ultimate in Team Building Activities for sports teams. There is no better team building equipment on earth for football, basketball, soccer, or anywhere teamwork is a must. Teamwork is arguably the very best life skill to have, and The PP2 rapidly builds Unity and Strength faster than ever before possible. The PP2 team building machine is taking Teamwork for sports to the Highest Possible Level. This two-person weight lifting machine is revolutionizing the way teamwork is mastered.

Team Building Activities for Athletes Promotes Trust & Communication

Teamwork activities for sports teams are all about OVERCOMING THE INDIVIDUAL. The Power Plus 2’s (PP2) main feature is building team unity and faster strength through teamwork-lifting, helping to advance the psychology of performance and teamwork. Team building activities for athletes builds the most important trait that any great athlete should be for. There are numerous individual and peer-related, psychological phenomenon that contributes to the benefits of the teamwork lifting activity which goes beyond the scope of this information; nonetheless, individual performance with an activity for sports such as weightlifting is related to few significant factors including anxiety and arousal. The PP2 promotes confidence, trust, and communication. This new and innovative team building equipment is Taking Teamwork for sports teams to the Highest Level.

Team Building Equipment

The psychological benefits of the PP2 Team Building Equipment essentially allow ALL members of the sports team to EQUALLY maximize the potential benefits of weight training through positive achievement motives like never before. Building teamwork for athletes goes beyond just team building activities for football, but team lifting for basketball, soccer, and baseball, and every sport, including female teams. This is why the Power Plus 2 is known as the best team building equipment on the market, or as some would say the best teamwork equipment on the planet. No other team building equipment even comes close to creating instant teamwork. Building instant teamwork has never been possible on a consistent basis before the revolutionary Power Plus 2 Machine.

Team Building Activities reduce anxiety

Arousal’s relation to performance is described by the classical Inverted U-Theory, where a certain level of arousal is associated with optimal performance. The optimal functioning theory has many factors such as anxiety into consideration as well for performance. Certain types of anxiety including trait anxiety can be greater in some individuals, leading to higher than optimal arousal levels and may impair performance. During trait anxiety, an athlete may experience thoughts of failure and ego-oriented concerns along with personal doubt, perceiving the environment to be threatening [2]. It is plausible that this type of anxiety may be moderated and suppressed during team building through teamwork lifting where the emphasis is on the team rather than the individual, especially for those predisposed to higher levels of trait anxiety. I think you can start to see why PP2 is the best teamwork tool for all sports teams.

Teamwork Creates Success

As the lifters experience reinforcement with successful lifts and become more advanced, negative self-talk will naturally lessen as well. This is why team building activities for athletes is so paramount to the success of any team, not only sports teams. Furthermore, achievement motivation may be a beneficial factor in team-lifting. Atkinson et al. postulated that individuals with a stronger motive to achieve success (MAS) are more accomplished than those with a higher motive to avoid failure (MAF) [3]. An individual’s persistence may also be related to his/her mindset [4]. During isolated single lifts, the lifter may be more likely to experience trait anxiety, feel more at risk, thereby potentially being predisposed to a MAF mindset as opposed to MAS during lifting activities. There can be no higher priority than teamwork for sports teams.

Teamwork builds Confidence & Trust

Confidence is the 1st key to unity. With PP2 neither lifter is more important than the other. While team building for athletes with Power Plus 2, both lifters count on each other equally and are rewarded as a team for achieving the goal. When a goal is achieved as a team it is more impactful. Confidence allows us to trust the good intentions of others. PP2 rapidly increases confidence, causing talent to shine and bring out the highest potential of an athlete. A very high level of trust is built when lifters know that their partner is giving 100% for them at the same time they are giving 100% for their partner. As part of a team, each player has a crucial role and must trust their teammates in their role. Team building with PP2 transforms athletes and changes team chemistry from day one.

Teamwork Creates Champions & Wins Championships

Coaches regularly preach “Don’t play to not lose, play to win!” Playing to not lose is analogous to a MAF mentality, whereas playing to win is analogous to a MAS mentality. With the PP2, it is plausible that both lifters are more likely to have a MAS mindset as both partners are challenged together, and individual pride and ego is less at stake. On the PP2 teammates have each other’s backs at one of the highest levels possible. As the old saying goes, individual talent wins games, but teamwork wins Championships. PP2 is the #1 team building equipment for creating Champions.

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