Every Coach and Strength Coach’s Dream

Every Coach’s dream is to have a strong Team with One Heartbeat. Before now, Teamwork has taken much time and effort. The reason is that Teamwork Can’t Be Taught It Has to Be Caught.

Coach…Don’t waste any more time! Now you can effortlessly and rapidly build Teamwork, Strength, Trust, Confidence, and Communication to the Extreme!

The PowerPlus2 Machine is like having a “Team-Building Coach” right on your staff. It has never been so fast and easy to create a Team-First Mind-Set in your players. The PowerPlus2 brings excitement to your weight room while Strength and Camaraderie go through the roof!

A Strength Coach’s dream: Instantly have lifters do more reps with more weight. Proven research shows that Two-Person Teamwork Lifting on the PowerPlus2 Machine gets athletes stronger faster by doing more reps with double/combined weight. They work together, push for each other and count on each other on over 14 different lifts.